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Anniversaries and Birthdays for September

Sep 1, 2017 by Tracy Kelley

Your company is only as good as your employees; help us in celebrating ours!

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, once said: “It’s not the tools you have faith in–tools are just tools–they work, or they don’t work. It’s the people you have faith in or not.” It's a mantra that we at Comfort Keepers agree with wholeheartedly. We know that we can only provide the best in home healthcare because we have excellent caregivers and office staff all working together as a team towards the same goal; high-quality home senior care. With that said, we also know that all employees appreciate being recognized. Please join us in thanking and congratulating the caregivers and office staff who have shown their dedication and hard work day in and day out, and have done so for a year, two years, three years or longer. We celebrate them below! While you’re there, also check out September birthdays so you know who to wish a happy day to!

Comfort Keepers Employees With One Year Anniversaries in September

When you see these Comfort Keepers, know that they have been with us, doing some of the most important work out there, for a whole year now!

  • Kalisha Blake
  • Yolanda Brown
  • Audrey Cotter
  • Mary Erickson
  • Alana Halbert
  • Dawn Harte
  • Sabrina Hunter
  • Linda Kenyon
  • Irma Lecza
  • Sandi Lucas
  • Jacquelyn Nichols
  • Katina Thompkins
  • Melissa Victors

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Two-Year Anniversaries

After two years’ worth of service, you know you’ve got someone who loves what they’re doing! Congratulate the following employees for two years’ worth of service.

  • Jeana Allen
  • Kathy Gamble
  • Tami McDurmon
  • Jamie Moore

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Three Years of Service

After three years with a company, your dedication really shows! Congratulate:

  • Theresa Martin
  • Serenity Shepperd

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Four Years of Service

At the four-year mark, your hard work is an inspiration to all! We thank:

  • Katrina Malone
  • Stephens, Joy

Comfort Keepers Celebrating 10 Years of Service

After a decade, it’s certain that you’ve found your purpose and your passion in life. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ve chosen Comfort Keepers to grace with your presence.

  • Debora Yaffe

Comfort Keeper September Birthdays

If you see these September birthdays, make sure to wish them a happy day!

  • 2nd: Amber Smith
  • 10th: Laura Bradley
  • 12th: Angela Brooks
  • 13th: Dawn Atwood
  • 13th: Rose Dowdy
  • 13th: Kimberly Smith
  • 14th: Irma Alvarado
  • 15th: JoAnn Ernst
  • 18th: Ellyn Brinsko
  • 19th: Margarita Lynn
  • 22nd: Jimmie Lou Wilson
  • 22nd: Vicki Wise
  • 23rd: Elizabeth Trado
  • 25th: Melissa Kirklin
  • 27th: Theresa Martin
  • 29th: Jasmine Crews

For more information about our team at Comfort Keepers, click here, or call us at 863-292-6199.

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