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October Anniversaries and Birthdays

Oct 5, 2017 by Tracy Kelley

Congratulate those Comfort Keepers with anniversaries or birthdays in October.

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."              --Theodore Roosevelt

There’s no arguing that the senior care we provide at Comfort Keepers is “work worth doing.” It is an honor to work with people who see it as worthwhile as we do. In the home healthcare industry you know that employee satisfaction equals client satisfaction. So please join us in recognizing those employees who have shown up day in and day out for a year, two years, three years, or more, and have given their all to Comfort Keepers either as a caregiver or in the office. Additionally, make sure to see who is celebrating a birthday in October, and wish them a happy one!

Comfort Keepers Celebrating a One-Year Anniversary

Congratulate the following individuals on their one-year anniversary with Comfort Keepers:

  • Leah Bailey
  • Linda Charette
  • Annie Cooper
  • Nancy Howell
  • Ta'Netra Wright

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Two Years With Comfort Keepers 

The following employees are putting down roots with us:

  • Brittany Clementi
  • Ruben Salas
  • Christine Sides
  • Marcy Thomas-Sphaler

Employees Celebrating Four-Year Anniversaries 

These employees have found a definite home with Comfort Keepers:

  • Jacqueline Bailey

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Five Years With Comfort Keepers 

Congratulate these employees on their dedication:

  • Linda Canright

Employees Celebrating Six-Year Anniversaries

This employee has shown impressive commitment:

  • Lori Riddle

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Seven Years With Comfort Keepers

This individual is a go-to employee:

  • Priscilla Miller

Comfort Keepers Celebrating 15 Years With Comfort Keepers

Sending out a huge congratulation and thank-you to Carol Anne Clark, who will have been with Comfort Keepers for 15 years at the end of the month. Your dedication continues to inspire us, Carol Anne! Thank you for your hard work!

Employee October Birthdays

Make sure you wish the following Comfort Keepers a very happy birthday in the month of October:

  • 1st: Rebecca Ryder
  • 2nd: Dreminda Nance
  • 7th: Pagan, Evelyn
  • 8th: Celestina Perk-Schwartz
  • 9th: Victoria Hernandez
  • 10th: Claudia Jones
  • 11th: Kalisha Blake
  • 12th: Diane Larro
  • 14th: Althea Chapper
  • 15th: Lori LeGrand
  • 15th: Yolanda Brown
  • 16th: Missty Berry
  • 20th: Shantel Allen
  • 21st: Leah Abar
  • 21st: Cheyenne Roldan
  • 23rd: Tamara Brookins
  • 27th: Gayla Robinson
  • 29th: Lindsay Johnson
  • 30th: Ariel Dewdney

At Comfort Keepers, our employees are our greatest asset. Thank you to all employees who show dedication and commitment every day! For more information about our team at Comfort Keepers, click here, or call us at 863-292-6199.

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