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Home Care Tips: Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors

Dec 6, 2018 by Tracy Kelley

While the holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year, it can also be very dangerous for seniors. Fortunately, there are several ways older adults can remain safe during the holidays and truly enjoy their time with family and friends in Lakeland, FL. Home care providers recommend these holiday safety tips for older adults:


Be Sure to Have Enough Medicine

Before the holidays begin, seniors should make sure they have all of their medications. This way, they can avoid running out of an important drug on a holiday when all pharmacies are closed. Aides who specialize in home care note that older adults who are traveling this holiday season should make sure they pack all of their medications in their carry-on luggage.


Ask for Help While Decorating

Many older adults enjoy decorating their homes for the holidays. Rather than climbing on chair or ladders to hang up lights, seniors should ask a family member, friend, or home care professional for assistance. Doing so can prevent falls and the serious injuries that come with them.


Watch What You Eat

Most holiday festivities involve plenty of food. While it’s okay for seniors to enjoy nice meals, they should be careful and avoid eating anything that may hinder a certain medical condition. For instance, if they have diabetes, older adults should limit their intake of sugary and fatty foods.


Avoid Big Crowds

Shopping malls and stores are packed with people shopping for gifts during the holiday season. Since crowded locations can be overwhelming and dangerous for seniors, they should consider shopping online or creating a shopping list and allowing someone they trust to shop on their behalf.


To stay safe during the holidays, older adults should make sure they have enough medicine, ask for help while decorating, be mindful of what they eat, and avoid big crowds.


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