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Caregivers Share Fitness Tips for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Dec 20, 2018 by Tracy Kelley

It’s essential for people of all ages, including senior adults to stay active. Doing so can improve their strength and flexibility and reduce the risk of health problems down the road. Unfortunately, staying active can be a challenge for older adult with mobility challenges. Caregivers in Lakeland, FL share these tips to help them out:


Start Slow

Seniors with mobility issues don’t have to run a marathon in order to remain active. They can take start slowly and take small steps to improve their health. Caregivers suggest that they park further away from their destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or go on brief walks around their neighborhood to start.


Make It a Habit

The key to leading an active lifestyle is turning exercise into a habit. Senior citizens should dedicate a certain time each day to working out. By doing so, they’ll be able to improve their energy levels, enhance their mood, control their weight, improve their sleep, and decrease their risk of hypertension.



Stretching is an overlooked yet important exercise. Caregivers note that it can increase flexibility and range of motion, prevent injury, improve posture, and reduce stress levels. Some of the best stretches for seniors include standing hip extensions, child’s pose, back twist in a chair, and the cat-cow yoga pose.


Mix It Up

It’s common for seniors to lose the motivation to be physically active because they get bored with their workouts. By mixing up their exercise routines, they’ll keep themselves engaged and excited and be less likely to stop. Yoga, water aerobics, cycling, and weight lifting are all great examples of exercises older adults may enjoy.


Stop If Pain Arises

Seniors may experience some discomfort when they first begin a new fitness routine. However, if they face any sharp stabbing pain or joint pain, they should stop working out and consult their doctor.


Starting slow, making exercise a habit, stretching, mixing up workouts, and stopping if pain arises are all important for seniors with limited who would like to maintain a healthy weight and improve their health.

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